Tuesday, 13 June 2017

An Artist and his shanty boat made of found materials and trash

A homemade 'shanty boat' is currently floating down the Tennessee River through Alabama to remind Americans of their 'forgotten history'.

The boat, which is made entirely from cast-off materials found at the dump or reclaimed from other places, is being captained by Californian artist Wes Modes - who is travelling the river to hear and then share stories of people who live along the water's edge. 
The artist started his voyage aboard the 1940s-styled ship in Knoxville.

He said the goal of the project is to speak to people whose voices are often absent from the history books.

'I'm really interested to talk to people who don't represent the mainstream cultural story,' Modes told .
'Rivers are more gentrified than they have ever been. Rivers become white and increasingly monied, and that means the river communities that contained a more diverse population - poor people, people of color, native people - those stories are lost.' 



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