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Color Photos Show That People Lived In Color Even 100 Years Ago (100 Pics)

Christina In Red, 1913

Sisters Sitting In A Garden Tying Roses Together, 1911

Flower Street Vendor, Paris, 1914

Musing (Mrs. A. Van Besten), C. 1910

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1914

Daydreams, 1909

Heinz And Eva On The Hillside, 1925

Moulin Rouge, Paris, 1914

The Grenata Street Army, 1915

 A Girl Holds A Doll Next To Soldiers’ Equipment In Reims, France, 1917

Young Girl Amidst Marguerites, C. 1912

Among The First Coloured Pictures Ever Taken By Louis Lumière, 1907

Charlie Chaplin, 1918

Woman Smoking Opium, 1915

Two Girls In Oriental Costume, 1908

Outdoor Market, Paris, 1914

Autochrome Of Mark Twain, 1908

Air Balloons, Paris, 1914

Van Besten Painting In His Garden, 1912

 Two Girls On A Balcony, 1908

Woman And Girl By A Brook, 1910

Eva And Heinz On The Shore Of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, C. 1927

Family Portrait At Roannay, Belgium, 1913

Christina In Red, 1913

Apan (Young Samurai), 1912

Sweden, Near Gagnef (Mother And Daughter In Traditional Clothes), 1910

Mother Of Seven Making Fringes For Knitted Shawls, Galway, Ireland, 29 May 1913

 Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mostar, 1913

 Joan In Red Riding Hood Cape With Basket, 1907

Lanchester 38hp Tourer, 1913

An Autochrome Of Two Sisters, 1908

 Louis Lumière’s Daughter And Her Dolls, 1913

 Autochrome Of Else Paneth On A Camel, 1913

 Else Reading By The Nile, 1920

Autochorme By Etheldreda Janet Laing, 1912

Japan, Kyoto, 1912

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo, 1912

Giant Oranges,paris, 1914

 Metro, Paris, 1914

 An Autochrome Of Etheldreda Janet Laing Daughter In A Garden, Holding A Brightly Coloured Bunch Of Pink Flowers, 1908

Porte Saint Denis, Paris, 1914

The Neptune Fountain, Cheltenham, 1910

Girl In A Garden With Hollyhocks, 1908

Lunch Of A French Soldier In Front Of A Damaged Library, 1st April 1917

Egypt, Giza, 1913

Mongolia, Near Ulaanbaatar (Buddhist Lama), 1913

Mrs. Warburg, 1915

 Autochrome Of A Young Girl, 1910

Market Stalls Outside An Egyptian Ruin, 1913

Children By The Breakwater, 1908

The Family At The Lake, 1925

Flower Street Vendor, Paris, 1914

Peggy In The Garden, 1909

Girl With A Parasol Sitting On A Bench, 1908

Margate Beach, Blue Girl , 1915

 St. Mark’s Cathedral, Venice, 1925

Galway, Ireland 1 May 1913

Traditional Irish Knitwear, An Spidéal, Galway, Ireland 1 May 1913 (Left), 14-Year-Old Girl From The Claddagh Wearing Traditional Claddagh Dress. Galway, Ireland, 26th May 1913 (Right)

Moulin Rouge, Paris, 1914

The Younger Girl Stands Beside Her Sister Holding A Pink Parasol. The Older Girl Rests Her Bonnet On Her Lap, 1908

India, Bombay (Sadus), 1913

Shepherd’s Boy, C. 1913

Palace Of Horticulture, Pan American Exposition, 1915

Staithes Harbor, 1915

Highland Castle, Scotland, 1920

 Sphinx And Camel, 1913

Two Fishermen And A Boy, An Spidéal, Galway, Ireland, 31 May 1913

Horse, Paris, 1914

Girl With A Bucket, 1915

Galway, Ireland, 1913

At The Entrance To The Pyramid Of Menkare, 1913

Stagecoaches At Ghent, 1912

Eiffel Tower River View, Paris, 1914

Autochrome Of A Young Girl, 1910

Galway, Ireland, 1913

Autochome Of A Street In Jerusalem By An Unknown Artist During The Early 20th Century

 A Rusty Buoy, 1908

The Kiosk Of Philae, 1913

One Legged Man, Paris, 1914

 Lumiere Brothers. The Game Of Billiards, 1907

 Woman Sitting In Library, 1915

Woman In Floral Silk Robe, 1915

Autochrome Of French Soldiers Operating Machine Guns During The Second Battle Of The Aisne, 1917

Peggy Reading, 1909

On The Sands, 1910

The Last Digger, 1910

Two Girls At The Gate, 1915

Eva Poses After A Successful Hunt In Scotland, C. 1920

Senegalese Soldiers Serving In The French Army As Infantrymen Are Resting In A Room With Guns And Equipment Next To Them, 16th June 1917

Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar (Prisoner), 1913

Oranges In Uhlený Trh (“coal Market Square”), Prague, 1910

Lady And Fruit Dish, 1920

Civic And Military Garb, C. 1911

Autochrome Photo By Cdt Tournassoud, 1910

The Temple Of Dor El-Medine, 1913

Autochrome Of A French Military Cemetery, 1916

Autochrome Of A French Military Observation Post, 1917

Cafe La Tasse, Paris, 1914

Drunk Man Sleeping On City Street, Paris, 1914

 Three Men Playing Cards, 1915



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