Saturday, 10 June 2017

Saving China’s Forgotten Colosseum Homes

Looking like a Roman coliseum crossed with a doughnut, China’s tulou buildings are some of the most stunning — and threatened — structures in the country.

The houses functioned as village units and were known as ‘a little kingdom for the family’ or ‘bustling small city’.

Although 46 of the largest and most important tulou have been listed by UNESCO as World Heritage sites, an estimated 3,000 remain in the province with no such status… Many of these tulou are nearly empty and are falling into disrepair, with homes abandoned as residents leave for economic opportunity in the cities.

Lin Lusheng, who grew up in a tulou named Taoshu Building in Fujian's Neilong village. He has been on a mission to shine new light on the intriguing design of these often neglected buildings.
The 34-year-old started the "Hao Cuobian" project -- the phrase means "good neighbor" in a dialect spoken by his Hokkien ancestors -- and since 2015 he has spent money he raised through the project on renovating Taoshu Building, and educate its remaining residents about their heritage.



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