Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Spanish Man on Trial for Selling ISIS-Branded T-Shirts Online

A Spanish man is being put on trial for trying to make money selling terrorism-themed t-shirts online, including ones branded with the ISIS flag.
Octavio Cadelo is accused of running a website selling shirts glorifying the likes of Hamas, Al-Qaeda and ISIS, while describing himself as a jihadist.
Prosecutors have demanded that Cadelo be jailed for two years and eight months for the offense of glorifying terrorism via his only business.
According to Spanish news site, he has previously been tried and acquitted over his t-shirt sales, after judges ruled the shirts on sale were “provocative”, but stopped short of being criminal.
However, the case has been brought a second time after new evidence emerged.
According to prosecutors, Cadelo renewed his online activities in the Autumn of 2016, just days before his first trial was due to begin.
He allegedly uploaded a video called “shirts of the Islamic State”, promoting a new website and affirming to potential customers that the garments were for sale.
The described his wares as “various shirts for children as well as adults, printed with emblems and anagrams of different terrorist organizations”.
Prosecutors say the shirts were available for delivery in Spain and also neighboring Portugal.
Caledo allegedly described himself as a jihadist on his Facebook profile, and used his page to post terrorist propaganda.
It is claimed he spoke out to defend domestic Spanish terror groups, including the armed left-wing Basque separatist group ETA, alongside support for global terror networks like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
Spain, like all European countries, has seen some of its radicalized citizens leave to become fighters for ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
However, according to most estimates, Spain’s jihadist problem is much less severe than its neighbors’.
Only 50-100 people are believed to have left Spain for ISIS, compared with 750 from the UK, 600 from Germany, 500 from Belgium and more than 1,500 from France.


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