Monday, 26 June 2017

Two young men steal a guy’s dirtbike; he runs them down with his van – now it’s a race thing!

Two men who attempted to make a clean getaway on a stolen dirt bike instead took their last ride.
Keenen King, 19 and Anthony Garriques, 20, stole the bike around 7 a.m. on Thursday, according to NBC.
They were found by the owner of the bike, Christopher Bouchard, 27, who gave chase in his minivan, with his brother in the passenger seat, three hours later.
 Anthony Garriques, Keenen King. 
Bouchard was giving chase because the bike was stolen from his older brother, according to CBS 2 NY.
Bouchard’s minivan hit the two men killing King on the spot. Garriques died hours later at Stony Brook University Medical Center.
The parents of the two thieves and the community blamed the robbery victim, Bouchard, and held the two men who stole his bike harmless.
Residents set up a memorial to honor the thugs at the spot where they were killed.
Bouchard was arrested, and pleaded not guilty, to charges of reckless endangerment, NBC reported.
 Christopher Bouchard. 
“The driver of the minivan spotted his bike and he attempted to obtain the dirt bike,” Timothy Sini, the Suffolk Police Commissioner, said.
The police said there is no evidence that the crash was a hate crime, but NBC stressed the races of all involved, stating that there was “outrage because the white driver of the minivan didn’t help the black teens after the crash,” but rather recovered his bike.
“This ain’t no accident. They murdered them. Two kids,” Garriques mother Lina Garriques told NBC, forgetting to mention that the two kids wouldn’t have been in the situation to begin with had they not stolen the bike.

“That wasn’t someone saying ‘hey it’s my bike,'” King’s friend Gabe Cognet said. “That was someone saying ‘hey I’m going to kill you and I’m going to take what’s mine.'”
Bouchard’s attorney said his client did not intend to injure the two men.
“There was no intent,” Bouchard’s attorney John Halverson said. “My client never intended to hurt anyone. His heart goes out to the victims. It’s a tragedy. He never intended to hurt anyone.”



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