Whoppin' mad! Burger King manager is caught on video berating pregnant customer for taking too long to order

Lizzie Ramsey said what she thought would be a quick drive-thru order at a Heath Burger King last Wednesday morning turned into a shouting match.
She said problems started when the drive-thru worker offered her total three times before she was finished ordering.
"Before I ordered mine, she said 'hurry up,' and I was like 'what did you say'?" Ramsey said.
Ramsey said no one else was in the drive-thru lane at the time.
Ramsey, along with her husband, his co-worker and two young boys parked and went inside. They were surprised to learn the worker on the speaker was a manager.
Ramsey started recording with her cell phone when the woman allegedly started cursing and threatened to call police. She posted the video on Facebook, which has been viewed more than 300,000 times.
"When we uploaded the video, people saw it and said 'we had the same experience with the same person at the same store,'" said Lizzie's husband, Cody Ramsey.
The video showed what appeared to be the manager cursing and at one point telling the customers to get out.
Ramsey and her husband reported the incident to the company's top brass. They received an apology and gift card.
"I believe she should be fired. You don't treat customers like that" Ramsey added.
Reporter Rob Wells stopped by the Hebron Road location Monday to speak with the manager, and learn if her status with the company had changed.
He was advised she was unavailable, then asked to leave.
Calls and messages to Burger King's Miami headquarters haven't been returned.

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