Grammar Nazi Tries To School Mark Hamill Over Grammar On Twitter, Regrets It Immediately (8 Pics)

As a paid up member of the grammar nazi club, I know all too well that trivial, yet nagging feeling of disdain one gets when seeing a native English speaker mangling basic words and sentences online.
Yes, it’s pathetic. Annoying too! But a grammar nazi should at least know when to pick their battles, and provoke people with persnickety corrections only when absolutely sure that they are correct themselves. Otherwise the grammar nazi ends up looking like a complete ass, much to everyone else’s delight.
Enter the hero of the day, Luke Skywalker himself. Not content with becoming one of the greatest Jedi the galaxy has ever known, Skywalker, AKA Mark Hamill, also takes down grammar nazis in his spare time. What a guy!
After shooting off an adorable tweet about his Star Wars co-star Kelly Marie Tran, full of love and praise for her performance in the film, the grammar nazi struck with the classic your/you’re correction. Drama! Hamill had the perfect response up his sleeve however, and handled it like an absolute pro. This began a chain reaction of grammar geeking-out that makes for entertaining reading, grammar nazi or not!

Mark Hamill took to Twitter to give a shout out to the new Star Wars star Kelly Marie Tran

But the internet wouldn’t be the internet if it didn’t register every little slip you make

Yet Hamill was quick to come up with a slick comeback

Only to be topped by the guys at Merriam-Webster dictionary

Who then, of course, were corrected as well

Starting a grammar nazi thread online

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