Incredibly Weird And Interesting Vintage Beauty Devices From 1920-1950 (20 Pics)

A breast washer from France, 1930s.
Procedure of removing freckles with carbon dioxide from the 1930s.
Spray tan vending machine in 1930.
A permanent hair procedure in Germany in 1929.
Another device for permanent hair waving. This process took at least 4 hours.
Another variation.
A mask to protect your face from snow storms in Canada around 1920.
A deluxe blow-dryer in the 1920s.
Portable hair dryer in the 1940s.
A way to watch what you scratch, 1940.
Metal leg rollers that claimed to lose weight by rolling the pounds off in the 1940s.
Another variation.
The machines would work the entire body, "rubbing" out fat.
A device that helps to correct the application of make-up. Invented by Max Factor (right) in 1930.
An ice mask in 1931, also invented by Max Factor.
Special mask that guaranteed a rosy complexion reducing the air pressure and allegedly substituted for a walk in the mountains in the 1930s. Sounds like it made you high and dizzy just to make your cheeks red.
Beauty treatments in the 1940s.
Nope, not BDSM, but a rubber beauty masks worn to get rid of wrinkles and skin imperfections in 1921.
Portable Sauna in the 1940s.
A skin treatment mask in 1940.
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