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Inside the 'cruise from HELL': Terrifying footage from a Carnival ship shows dozens of men and women brawling - as terrified passengers barricade themselves in their cabins (11 Pics)

More than 20 brawling members of the same family have been booted off a cruise ship for the safety of other passengers after a mass fight with security guards.
The ship was forced to make an emergency stop in the small southern NSW coastal town of Eden for police to remove 26 brawling passengers blamed for an overnight “bloodbath”.
Videos uploaded to Melbourne radio 3AW show passengers cheering as six police boarded the Carnival Legend this morning to remove two feuding groups that have left passengers and their children terrified throughout the 10-day cruise around the South Pacific.
Passengers said the two groups had been brawling over the past week in public areas on the ship, including the nightclub, the lido deck and the pool, where violence has gone on in front of children.
David Barkho, whose son George, 20, is on board, told the radio station that George had called and begged him to contact authorities after suffering a head injury during a fight.
“When he called, I could hear a lot of kids crying, screaming and swearing,” Mr Barkho said.
Australian guests travelling on the 10-day cruise on the Carnival Legend claim two groups of 30 warring passengers have engaged in multiple violent brawls (pictured) with threats of stabbing and to throw people overboard

“He said ‘All I can see is security ... up to 40 ... bashing kids, bashing women, hitting them ... arresting them, putting them into small rooms.
“A lot of people are bleeding, a lot of people are down.
“He said ‘security came in and took my phone and deleted a lot of images because I took pictures’.”
Another passenger, Kellie Petersen, told 3AW that the violence had reached a point where her family was afraid to go anywhere alone on the ship.
“There’s people walking around with cut heads and hands,” she said.
Some of the violence had spilled over and was affecting other passengers, who had been warned to stay away from the feud.
Video filmed on a guest's mobile phone shows both male and female passengers erupt into an all-in brawl as cruise security attempted to intervene, leaving some victims with savage bruises and cuts

One man, named Michael, was brutally kicked while he was pinned to the ground and received cuts and bruising to his face, back and legs 

“We have been told to watch our backs by this group,” she told 3AW.
“They fought in front of my children in the pool ... five of them surrounded my husband.
“We’re scared to go anywhere alone in the ship.”
Carnival Cruise Line, which runs the Carnival Legend, said it had called police to “remove a family group of passengers” and that safety remained the top priority on board.
Carnival general manager Jennifer Vandekreek said there was “limited and isolated events with the family in question” in the lead-up to the brawl.
“Disembarking a family from a cruise is an unprecedented incident,” she said today.
“It is always our last resort. We felt it was the best course of action for the safety and security of our guests and our crew.”
The ship is due to dock in Melbourne tomorrow morning.
The violence comes the same week as a Russian woman was charged over a violent brawl among several men on a cruise ship off Sydney during an argument about a queue for the toilets.
During the fight, the 37-year-old woman, who is the partner of one of the men, allegedly struck a 21-year-old man on the head with an empty wine bottle, causing a cut.
Security separated the men and they were detained. The man with the injury was treated on board.
A group of six men and the woman were removed from the ship at Bradleys Head. The woman was charged with reckless wounding and affray.
It is understood the group were enjoying a buck’s party on the cruise ship, which had to turn back to Sydney.
George Barkho  (pictured) was caught up in the violence and called his father at 1am

At one point during the footage a member of cruise staff attempts to stop the person behind the camera from filming the incident

Witnesses claim as many as 30 feuding passengers were involved in the violent on board clashes

The cruise ship made an unexpected stop in Eden, New South Wales to remove the offending passengers 

One horrified passenger told Nine News they are genuinely frightened of the offending holidaymakers and are hesitant to leave the safety of their rooms (Pictured one alleged offender) 

Pictured is the Carnival Legend arriving at a port in Eden, New South Wales, on Friday morning

Some guests have even described their ocean holiday as the 'cruise from hell' (Carnival Legend pictured)
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