There’s a Fake Paris in China and the Side by Side Photos are Eerie (40 Pics)

Paris Syndrome is a photo series by François Prost that explores the bizarre similarities between Paris and a Chinese replica of Paris called Tianducheng. According to Prost:
Tianducheng was built 10 years ago as a suburb of the Chinese city, Hangzhou. It displays a 100m high Eiffel tower, a 31km2 Haussmanian style neighborhood and a park inspired by Versailles. Renown as a perfect decor for wedding photography, Tianducheng is first of all, a pretty average inhabited suburb neighborhood for middle class people, that lives around Parisian sculptures and fountains as they would live anywhere else in China. It used to be described as a ghost town a few years ago, but the population rose to 30000 inhabitants in 2017 and is still growing. All pictures on the left side were done in China whereas all pictures on the right side were done in Paris.

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