Inventions of the 20th century (24 Pics)

Hugo Gernsback with his television goggles in the US, in 1963.
Swimming Aids to swim faster in Italy, 1925.
Cigarette pack holder with model Frances Richards in the US, in 1955.
Gas-proof stroller in Hextable, England in 1938.
Ear horns in Germany, in 1917.
The Cyclomer, an amphibious bicycle in Paris in 1932.
Piano designed for people confined to bed in Britain, in 1935.
American soldiers wearing the 40 pounds Brewster Body Shield, in 1917.
Roller skates in the US, in 1910.
The Personal Parabola in Netherlands, in 1930.
Check Signing Machine in Treasury Department, operated by J.L. Summers in the US in 1918.
A US Ordnance officer testing a Krummlauf with grenade launcher, in 1945.
Motorwheel presented by a swiss engineer in Arles, France, in 1931.
Pigeon cameras in Germany, 1908.
New Goodyear illuminated tires in the US, in 1961.
Acoustic aircraft locators in Japan, in 1945.
Hamblin glasses in England, in 1936.
Joe Gilpin riding a motorboard in Hollywood, US, in 1948.
Straw Hat Radio in the US, in 1931.
Walter Pichler with his portable TV in Germany, in 1967.
Huge double trumpet system at Bolling Field, an airbase in Washington DC, 1921.
Tracked Motorcycle in France, in 1938.
The Astra-Gnome with the sound chamber acrylic glass bubble canopy in the US, in 1955.
Pressure suit for high altitude balloons in Herrera, Spain, in 1935.
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