Catholic Charities Of Buffalo Shutter Adoption Services Thanks To New York Mandating That They Hand Over Kids To Gay Couples

In the latest blow against religious Americans, the Catholic Charities of Buffalo were forced to shut down their adoption and foster services thanks to state rules that prohibit any adoption or foster agency from refusing to send children to same-sex partners. Catholic Charities of Buffalo explained, “Because Catholic Charities cannot simultaneously comply with state regulations and conform to the teaching of the Catholic Church on the nature of marriage, Catholic Charities will discontinue foster care and adoption services.”
Catholic Charities abides by the basic belief that a child deserves a mother and a father. Furthermore, those who give up their children to Catholic Charities know this — they fully understand that a Catholic institution will abide by Biblical principles regarding parenting. But that doesn’t matter to the militant social Left, which would prefer that adoption and foster services be shuttered rather than that religious Americans be able to live out their natural law beliefs in public. As the execrable Zack Ford of ThinkProgress put it:
Monica Mahaffey, spokeswoman for the New York Office of Children and Family, bragged about the shutdown: “Discrimination of any kind is illegal and in this case (Children and Family Services) will vigorously enforce the laws designed to protect the rights of children and same sex couples. There is no place for providers that choose not to follow the law.”
The CEO of Catholic Charities of Buffalo, Dennis Walczyk, lamented, “It is with deep sadness we acknowledge that the legacy of the high quality, exceptional services which our staff provides to children and families through foster care and adoption will be lost.”
This isn’t unusual — adoption services ended for Catholic Charities of Boston and Illinois in 2006 and 2011 respectively. This is religious bigotry, and it is the cost of a social Leftism that tolerates no enemies, insisting that politically correct views of parenting equating homosexual couples with heterosexual ones in parenting take precedence over the best interests of children, if need be.
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