Road Rage In CA: Man Kills Other Driver. Then He Gets Quite A Surprise.

Early Sunday morning, in Northern California, two drivers collided on a major highway, then drove farther down the road where they got out of their vehicles and started fighting. Not long after that, both of them were dead.
Officer Mike Zerfas of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated, “At about 3:44 this morning the highway patrol received reports of a traffic collision on I-5 northbound around Arena Boulevard.” The CHP reported that after the drivers collided, they drove to Del Paso Road, where they fought.
A man identified by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office as Jose Rodriguez-Carrasco, 37, pursued Jason Dykes with a bat, according to the Sacramento Police Department scanner.
One police officer stated, “The witness I spoke to, she said she saw a guy with a bat chasing another man.” A dispatcher for the Sacramento Police Department said that after the fight, Rodriguez-Carrasco was “hitting vehicles with a bat or a pipe, and there’s a male lying in the roadway and bystanders are giving the male CPR.”
Zerfas stated, “It escalated from a traffic collision to a fight to a homicide.”
But the story then took an unexpected twist: CHP reported that Rodriguez-Carrasco left and walked in the middle of the freeway, where a car hit him and killed him. The driver of that car remained on the scene and cooperated with police.

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