The Worst Bullies In America

LGBT activists have succeeded in shutting down another adoption agency. This time Catholic Charities of Buffalo was compelled to discontinue its adoption services because Catholic Charities committed the crime of being Catholic. The organization would not send children into households with same-sex parents. For that, it was forced to shutter. LGBT activists have closed adoption agencies across the country and the world on this same basis.
It is almost irrelevant to note that the organization's original adoption policy was not only morally correct but also in keeping with reason and science. Studies consistently show that children fare better in traditional mother-father families, and children in same-sex parented households have higher rates of depression, suicide, and abuse. These facts should be no surprise to people who've developed a basic understanding of biology. Every child in history has had a mother and father. This would seem to be a very strong indication that every child is supposed to have a mother and father.
But, as I said, the rightness of Catholic Charities' policy is beside the point. The real point is that they have the constitutional right to operate according to the teachings of the church whose name is plastered in huge, bold letters across the front of the building. On the other hand, nobody has a "right" to adopt children. Children are not commodities you are entitled to possess.
Yet that is exactly how LGBT activists view the situation. To them, a child is just another flag to capture. Another political victory to achieve. And if scores of children must now suffer for the sake of the greater good of the LGBT lobby, so be it.
Of course, this is only another in a long, long line of examples of the gay Left scorching the Earth and wrecking lives in an effort to impose its ideology on everyone. Jack Phillips won a victory against them in the Supreme Court, but they have not relented. They are still trying to destroy his livelihood and will continue the assault for another 5 years, or 10 years, or 20, until they get their way. Any Christian business owner who refuses to bow before the LGBT altar is liable to the same onslaught. If he has not faced it yet, that's only because they haven't noticed him yet.
Speaking of bowing before the altar, just this week Brown University pulled down a study proving that teenagers become "trans" to imitate their peers. The LGBT mob reacted with outrage at this carefully researched study and demanded that the truth it contains be suppressed. They simply will not allow any discussion of the social and biological facts related to the "trans" phenomenon. They will tolerate only a complete and unthinking acceptance of their dogmas.
I could cite a thousand other examples but there is no need. The point is plain enough: LGBT activists are the worst bullies in America, by far, and it's not close. Believing that their goal is manifestly good, they will resort to any means whatever to accomplish it. Ruining lives, tearing down businesses, leaving children without families — these are small prices to pay. They hardly qualify as "prices" at all. The LGBT mob quite enjoys devouring those who oppose it. The hurt and heartache it leaves in its wake is more of a perk than a price.
And what is this good goal, anyway? They will say they seek equality. But that cannot be what they seek because they already have it. Homosexuals have all of the same rights as heterosexuals. The one and only "inequality" left was the rule prohibiting active homosexuals from donating blood, due to the astronomically higher rates of HIV in the gay community. But even this is under attack and being repealed. The LGBT lobby will risk giving HIV to hospital patients if it means they get to win another battle.
So if equality is not the aim, what is it? Tolerance? Homosexuality is not only tolerated but literally celebrated by almost all of our major cultural institutions. They have more than tolerance. They have, in many quarters, something closer to worship. What is the point then? It seems there isn't any single, pronounced point. They have the same motivations as any other sort of bully: vengeance, spite, imposing their will, expressing their hatred, etc. That's all the "gay rights" fight in America means anymore.
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