VIDEO: Texas security guard hit with reality check after failing to help officer in need

A Texas security guard is out of a job after she failed to help a police officer arrest a resisting suspect — but pulled out her phone to film the incident instead.

What happened?

Bystanders at a gas station filmed a Houston police officer attempting to subdue a 17-year-old suspect. According to KPRC-TV, the incident began when the police officer stopped the suspect’s car because it was wanted in connection to an aggravated robbery. The suspect fled from the car before being tackled by the officer.
Unfortunately, the officer struggled to subdue the suspect and pleaded with bystanders for help. Video shows one man answered the call and helped the officer arrest the suspect. During the fight, the suspect even allegedly reached for the officer’s firearm, although he denied doing so.
“Stop resisting! It’s not worth your life!” a bystander tells the suspect repeatedly, video shows.
However, what captured most viewer’s attention was the fact that a woman, who appeared to be a security guard, did not assist the officer. Instead, video shows that she filmed the incident on her cellphone while walking around the officer, never once rendering aide.
“Help me!” the officer screamed at the woman. “Stop f***ing filming and help me!”
The suspect has since been charged with disarming a police officer, in addition to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A judge raised his bail from $1,000 to $50,000 after public outcry.

What happened next?

After the video went viral, which infuriated Americans nationwide, Joe Gamaldi, president of the Houston police union, contacted the security company that employed the woman in the video. They immediately terminated her employment, he said.
“You know, a so-called security guard, a complete joke. She should be ashamed of herself,” he told KPRC.

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