Riddles so complex they’ll keep you in the can for far too long (16 Photos)

Riddle 1: She’s playing chess with Katy – it’s a two person game.
Riddle 2: They’re facing each other.
Riddle 3: A splinter.
Riddle 4:Turn the first switch on and leave it on for 10 minutes, then turn it off.
Turn the second switch on.
Go upstairs.
The light bulb that’s still warm goes with the first switch. The one that’s on goes with the middle switch. The light that’s off? Third switch.
Riddle 5: The letter “M.”
Riddle 6: The catcher and the umpire, because you’re playing baseball.
Riddle 7: Only three men went hunting:
A grandfather, his son, and his grandson. (Two fathers, two sons.)
Riddle 8: Charcoal – black before you heat it, red when you’re cooking, and white when it’s cooled.
Riddle 9:
An envelope (there’s a letter inside it).
Riddle 10: “Dozens” – take away the ‘s’ and you’re left with just a “dozen,” a.k.a. 12.
Riddle 11:
It’s daytime.
Riddle 12: The wanted man on the poster is the man’s son.
Riddle 13: It’s poop.
Riddle 14: Daybreak and Nightfall (never Dayfall or Nightbreak).
Riddle 15: A Stapler.
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