Well… that’s actually kind of cool (35 Photos)

“My Grandfather was in the British Navy. Here is a photo of his orders to attack Germany at the start of World War 2.”
Giant tweezers
This squashed squash.
This predator statue is made out of car parts.
“My dog’s ear looks like his own face.”
This orange.
“At my school, a dirt path formed from years of people cutting through the grass to get to class.”
“Almost all of the droplets on my coke are the same size.”

“Drove behind the Batmobile!”
These bananas peeled themselves with their own weight.
This bag of chips was sealed incorrectly.
They should sell these at Taco Bell.
This beach with jet-black sand.
This vending machine has all of the essentials students need and often lose.
This coffee kind of looks like Jupiter.
This gym used to be a church.
“My mom’s self portrait of herself painting while floating in a kayak.”
“This photo I took of fog over a lake makes this warning sign look like it is surrounded by nothingness.”
This tissue dispenser.
Alien Vs Predator made out of engine parts.
This extra-long plunger.
The city used to use hollowed out logs as water mains. Circa 1860.
This mushroom looks like a rose.
This gym used to be a bank.
This place has a ceiling made entirely of Pez Dispensers.
The amount of moss growth on this maple branch. Mercer Island, Washington State.
You can buy mini corn to make mini popcorn for your hamsters.

Cotton candy T-Rex.
This giant clove of garlic.

This potato chip with some of the root still attached.
This rainbow around the airplane’s shadow.
This bagel shop has door handles shaped like massive bagels.
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