Alleged Satan-worshipping girls planned to kill, dismember 15 students in Fla. school stabbing spree

Two middle school Florida girls reportedly planned to embark on a stabbing and dismembering spree on Tuesday, according to a WTVT-TV report

What are the details?

The Bartow, Florida, police department said that an 11-year-old girl and 12-year-old girl were discovered hiding in the bathroom of Bartow Middle School on Tuesday, armed with various knives.
According to reports, a student overheard the girls’ plan and told a teacher. The teacher then reported the incident to the school principal, and the principal notified authorities.
After one of the girls was reported missing from class, the assistant principal embarked on a search of the school.
The assistant principal found the girls in a bathroom. The two were reportedly hiding there in order to victimize younger children who could be easily overpowered, according to the station.
Some of the weapons the girls planned to use included butcher knives, paring knives, and a pizza cutter.
The girls were taken to the principal’s office, where they reportedly admitted that they were Satan worshipers and had set out to murder as many of their school peers as possible. Authorities also reported that the girls had apparently been planning the attack for a long time.
As a result of a search, authorities discovered a hand-drawn map of the school.
“Go to kill in bathroom” was ominously scribbled on the makeshift map, according to police.
A search performed on the girls’ mobile phones revealed that the two planned to “leave body parts at the entrance” of the school, and commit suicide after the attack was finished.
The girls reportedly hoped to kill at least 15 people in their stabbing spree.
Police charged the two girls with conspiracy to commit murder, and possession of a weapon on school property, in addition to other charges.

Anything else?

Bartow Police Chief Joe Hall addressed the incident in a news conference.
“This is horrific, and if I had children in school I’d be scared half to death,” Hall admitted.
Hall said that despite the girls’ reported plan, it was thankfully thwarted by the proactivity of students and teachers.
“But remember, a student heard something, the student told a teacher, the teacher immediately reported that, which implemented our safety plan in this school district, which resulted in us apprehending both of these students before a single student was injured,” he added. “The plan did work.”
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