Could This Be The Most Savage Anti-Elizabeth Warren Illustration EVER?

The cartoon below could be one of the most savage anti-Elizabeth Warren cartoons we’ve seen in a very long time, possibly ever.
Warren has identified herself as Cherokee in the past and on Monday released the results of a DNA test that shows she very likely had a Native American ancestor six to ten generations ago.

Warren was identified as Harvard Law School’s one Native American professor in the 1996 article.
Warren cannot become a citizen of the Cherokee Nation because she is not related to anyone listed on the Dawes Final Rolls, “a federal census of those living in the Cherokee Nation that was used to allot Cherokee land to individual citizens in preparation for Oklahoma statehood in 1907.”
Warren’s decision to release the results as a precursor to a 2020 run for president — CNN moved her up to No. 1 on its list of Democratic contenders after she made her DNA test results public.
Warren grew up in Norman, Oklahoma. She has claimed that her parents had to elope because of her mother’s Native American heritage.
“As a kid, I never asked my mom about documentation when she talked about our Native American heritage,” Warren said in a 2012 campaign ad according to PolitiFact. “What kid would? But I knew my father’s family didn’t like that she was part Cherokee and part Delaware. So my parents had to elope.”
Warren is listed as a professor of law emerita on Harvard Law School’s website. She became a permanent professor at Harvard Law in 1995.
The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Harvard Law School for comment but did not receive a response at the time of publication.
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