Teacher tweets spelling-challenged death threat about Kavanaugh – here’s what happened to her

 A Minnesota teacher is facing the music after she posted a spelling-challenged death threat about Brett Kavanaugh, newly sworn in Supreme Court justice.

“Take one for the team”
The tweet read “So whose [sic] gonna take one for the team and take out Kavanaugh?” and was posted from the @lookitsSammmm account on Saturday.
The tweet racked up retweets from those who similarly wanted to see Kavanaugh murdered, or sympathized with her anger. But others sought out the identity of the tweeter, and discovered that she was a teacher.
The tweet was soon deleted, and the account was deactivated, but screenshots were being circulated on social media.
The person who posted the tweet was placed on paid administrative leave from Intermediate School District 917’s Alliance Education Center, where she worked as a special education teacher.
The Star Tribune reported that it was unclear whether law enforcement officials would be investigating the threat to Kavanaugh, who has since been sworn in as a Supreme Court justice. The teacher also didn’t return calls from reporters.
The debate around the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh took a rancorous turn when allegations of sexual harassment were made against him in the last week of hearings. Defenders of Kavanaugh charged that Democrats had waited until the last moment to reveal the charges in order to damage the nominee or postpone the confirmation until after the midterm elections.
Here’s a report on Kavanaugh’s ceremonial swearing in Monday:
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