Watch: Students say US should open borders to migrant caravan, but can’t offer solid reasons why

Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform visited Lock Haven University in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, recently to discuss the students’ thoughts on the approaching migrant caravan.
About 7,500 migrants are in the process of making their way from Central America and through Mexico with an aim to enter the U.S. in search of asylum.
On Monday, reports emerged that President Donald Trump had plans to send at least 5,000 active-duty servicemen to the U.S’s southern border to help fortify security.
Phillips broached the topic with the Lock Haven students, and while many of them said that they believed the U.S. should open its borders to the influx of migrants, they were not able to offer substantial or concrete reasons as to why — other than “diversity.”
Here are some of the more interesting responses to Phillips’ line of questioning:
  • “Um, I think we should let them in. Give them a fair chance at a better life, ’cause they’re clearly coming over for a reason.”
  • “I’m open to the idea of letting an influx of migrants in because I think it’s … diversity creates strength.”
  • “I mean, I feel like it’s not really that big of a problem.”
  • “I think, um, that we stole this land anyway, and now we are just going to tell them they can’t come in here, and I think it’s dumb to point at someone, tell them they don’t have the same rights even though we’re all the exact same person.”
  • “I feel, like, let ’em in because, you know, some of them might be bad, but there are people who live here in the United States that are just equally as bad, but we let them live here, so … “
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