Woman encounters home invader who’s armed with hammer, gun. But homeowner has gun, too—and uses it.

An Oklahoma homeowner is breathing a little easier right about now — given police last week finally caught up with a woman suspected of breaking into her home a few months back while armed with a hammer and a gun.
But on that Aug. 22 morning, Lori Graham was alone in her Broken Arrow residence and said she was terrified.
“In that moment, you never really know what you’ll do,” she recounted to KJRH-TV. “You don’t know if you will have what it takes … and I’m grateful that I did.”

What happened?

Police told KJRH-TV in a separate story that the homeowner heard a noise, grabbed a gun, and called 911. Upon investigating the noise, the homeowner saw a broken window and a woman with a hammer and a gun attempting to enter, police told the station.
Graham recalled to KJRH shooting at the intruder several times before the intruder fled.
“She said she would be back, and if she needed to, she would kill me,” Graham recalled the intruder saying, the station reported.
Authorities weren’t able to locate the intruder initially, KJRH said, but Marcy Elizabeth Hong of Marshall, Missouri, was arrested in her home state last week for attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and first-degree burglary and extradited to Tulsa on Wednesday.
Broken Arrow police told the station that the 47-year-old confessed to the break-in at Graham’s home when questioned by detectives. She wasn’t hit by gunfire, KJRH added, and was being held in lieu of $70,000 bond.

What could be behind the crime?

Detectives told the station they believe the crime was the “result of a recent transfer of property; in which the suspect located the victim’s address. It is believed the suspect may have arrived at the residence to retrieve property she thought to belonged to her.”
Graham told KJRH that Hong believed she was in possession of her dog, but Graham noted that her sister recently adopted a dog from a rescue organization and it wasn’t the same dog Hong was looking for.

What was Graham doing between the break-in and Hong’s arrest?

Graham told the station she slept on her floor on egg crates with her dogs for six weeks because she was afraid — but when Hong was nabbed, Graham told KJRH she “cried” and that it was “such a relief.”
“Even if she gets out, there’s a sense of accomplishment that she’s going to be held accountable, however that turns out,” she added to the station.

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