NBA star says ‘F*** Thanksgiving’ when reporter wishes him a happy holiday — here’s why

Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving had a surprising response to a reporter who wished him a happy Thanksgiving after a game Wednesday, and now he has apologized for what he said and attempted to explain, according to The Boston Globe.
After the Celtics lost to the Knicks, NBC Sports reporter Abby Chin told Irving “Happy Thanksgiving,” to which Irving responded “F*** Thanksgiving.”
“I wanted to issue an apology to that, saying that, especially to a woman [NBCSB sideline reporter Abby Chin] after the game. I don’t ever want to be in that position again,” Irving said later.

Why did he say that?

Irving has recently begun embracing his Native American heritage. His late mother was born into the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in South Dakota.
In August, he visited the tribe for the first time and participated in a naming ceremony during which he given the name “Little Mountain.”
As a result of this cultural embrace, Irving’s opinions on Thanksgiving have changed. Here’s how he explained it, according to The Boston Globe:
“I don’t hold anybody in contempt or anything against them if they’re celebrating Thanksgiving. Obviously, I let the frustrations after the game to fester into saying something like that. It shouldn’t be said in a professional setting no matter what my beliefs are in terms of Thanksgiving and where I come from.”
“I don’t necessarily live in that hub as much anymore in terms of what I say and the amount of attention it gets due to social media. But the responsibility I have to make sure the kids as well as other adults and parents, certain things shouldn’t be said in that environment, no matter what my beliefs are.”
“Knowing the backstory about where I come from as well as where my family comes from, it’s warranted to say something like that. As well as it shouldn’t ever be said like that if kids are listening.”
He also apologized on Twitter:

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