Parents Furious after School shows Planned Parenthood video on Sexual Touching, same-sex kissing

A Florida high school is under fire after its administrators permitted the screening of a graphic Planned Parenthood video about consent.

What are the details?

The video, which was produced by the Planned Parenthood and presented by the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, targeted students in Sarasota County high schools in order to teach them what “consent” means.
According to WTVT-TV, the video features several same-sex couples engaging in kissing and sexual touching and also features graphic discussions about sex.
“Asking for consent doesn’t have to be awkward,” the video — reportedly geared toward teens —  says. “Asking for consent can be kind of sexy.”
Sarasota County School Board member Eric Robinson told the station that complaints over the graphic video piled up quickly.
“As an adult, it can be hard to watch without being uncomfortable; I can imagine how a teenager would watch,” Robinson said. “The giggles and the gasps.”

What else?

A spokesperson for the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center issued an apology, according to WTVT.
A statement from the organization said, “We sincerely apologize for the incident last Wednesday at Pine View [School]. The staff member did not follow established protocol regarding the programming presented, and the organization has acted to ensure that this does not happen again.”
“SPARCC has had a positive relationship with Sarasota County Schools that has spanned more than 15 years and we take the trust placed in our organization very seriously. Preventing domestic/dating violence and sexual assault is central to our mission and SPARCC aims to be a trusted resource for our community,” the statement added.
Pine View Principal Stephen Covert also issued a statement on the matter.
“We appreciate SPARCC’s shared concerns regarding this incident,” Covert in a statement obtained by WFLA-TV. “I am thankful for their swift review of the events and apology to our students, staff, school leaders and families. Until now, SPARCC has been a trusted resource for our students and school community, however, I am disappointed that the action of one resulted in an unacceptable situation for our students.”
The statement added, “I want to assure our school community that we will follow district guidelines and will take extra precautions in the future to ensure only pre-approved materials are used in the classroom.”

What did Planned Parenthood say?

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood told WFLA that the videos are for older teens and young adults.
“The ‘Consent 101’ series of online videos are geared for older teens and young adults,” the organization’s statement read. “The videos explain and model what consent is and what it looks like in different situations, and is inclusive of diverse sexual orientations and race/ethnicities. This award-winning video series is designed to help young people understand consent in a relatable, as well as educational, way.
“Planned Parenthood Federation of America has placed these videos online for free so that any community across the country can utilize them just by going to Planned Parenthood’s website. We hope these videos help young people better understand that consent is part of healthy communication in relationships and encourage them to have open, honest conversations with their partners,” the statement concluded.

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