The Hate For Melania’s Christmas Decor Is Even Worse This Year. Here Are The Many Cruel Things Leftists Are Saying.

You may love Melania Trump's taste in Christmas decorations; you may indeed dislike them, or perhaps even detest them. To each his own. But the venom leftists have spewed at the First Lady these past two years regarding her Christmas decor goes beyond mere differences in taste and into pure "Mean Girls" territory.
On Monday, Melania Trump welcomed the "most wonderful season of all" with yet another unveiling of her White House Christmas decor. Working with a team of designers since August, the theme selected for 2018 was "American Treasures" to highlight our country's "unique heritage." Here was the video in case you missed it:

While few have complained about Melania's chosen theme, the one piece that seems to have received the most cackles and howls from haters of her Christmas ensemble is that of the red trees, or better yet, the 40 topiary red trees made of cranberries and red berries strung together in the East Colonnade.
Some may appreciate Melania Trump's grasp for artistry here; others may not. To leftists, the trees speak of something sinister lurking in the First Lady's soul. Vice even declared that Melania's decor resembles a "circle of hell Dante could never have dreamed up."
"It's 2018: It's well-established that we live in hell. It only makes sense that the first lady's Christmas decorations would match the bleakness of the Trump era," said Vice.
Vanity Fair said Melania Trump's Christmas decor seem to always have "a touch of menace to them."
"It wouldn’t be a Trump White House Christmas without, again, a menacing touch to what is otherwise a lavishly and beautifully wrought winter wonderland," said VF. "This year, crimson red trees dotted a long hallway, dyed with what I assume is liberal blood a-boiling."
Both Slate and The Cut made similar denunciations of varying cruelty. A Funny or Die video spoof also mocked Melania’s accent and suggested the trees were dipped in blood.
Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor pointed out that the media would never be so vicious if the decorations had been planned by Michelle Obama, according to Fox News.
"The War on Christmas has evolved into more of the media’s War on Trump," said Gainor. "According to the juvenile style mavens that dominate the lefty media, Melania’s Christmas style is somehow ‘spooky’ or ‘deeply haunted.’ Compare that to how The Washington Post described Michelle Obama as a ‘pro in dressing up the place’ whose decorations delivered her own ‘steady recognition of military service.'"
Media critic and DePauw University professor Jeffrey McCall agreed that the reporting on Melania's work was "boorish."
"Melania's decorating touches have not received the same courtesy in a number of media accounts, as if reporters had any sense of stylish interior design in the first place," McCall told Fox News. "This boorish reporting about the First Lady's holiday decorating is culturally divisive and unnecessary."
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