Trump-loving Florida realtor puts up Nazi concentration camp Halloween decorations — and blames it on HOA dispute

Tampa’s WFLA reported that neighbors described the decorations outside realtor Susan Lamerton’s house in New Port Richie, FL as “pure hate.”
The Nazi-themed decorations featured skeletons dressed as concentration camp victims, replete with Stars of David on their chests and tattoos. Some of the skeletons were seen giving a Heil Hitler salute, and a sign near them reads “Arbeit Macht Frei,” the German phrase translating to “work sets you free” that was emblazoned on the gates of Auschwitz and other concentration camps.
“It sickens me that we can have this, you know, with what happened in Pittsburgh,” neighbor Bonnie Katz told the station.
Lamerton told WFLA that she’s Jewish and put up the decorations in protest of her neighborhood homeowner’s association, though she did not elaborate on the exact nature of her complaint.
“They’re trying to take my house,” the realtor told WFLA when its reporters asked why she put up the controversial decorations. “Don’t you understand?”
A search of Lamerton’s social media accounts revealed that last year, she shared posts from the Angry Patriot Movement blog, a pro-Trump fake news website.
“Drain the swamp and send the idiots home,” the realtor wrote alongside a link that claimed Donald Trump got “the final laugh” during a battle of words with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).
Lamerton’s “Liked” pages include “Team Trump,” her county’s Republican Party page and pages for Melania Trump and Donald Trump Jr.
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