Woman Shares Her Terrible Experience As An Airbnb Host, And It Shows How Dangerous It Can Be (18 Pics)

Recently, a young woman named Alavia Khawaja took to Twitter to share her terrible experience while renting a room in her apartment via Airbnb. She rented one of her rooms out to a man named Leonard Jackson, who not only stole from her but was caught carrying three pistols with him.

Alavia says Airbnb did absolutely nothing to help her and even though she is okay physically, the whole situation has still taken a toll on her. “I don’t know where the man is right now. The police don’t really update me..at all so I think even if they arrested him, they wouldn’t tell me”, she said in an interview. Alavia advises people to not rent their home to strangers and report everything right away if you feel sketched out. “Be persistent in the face of adversity, so then if something happens you can show you tried. Imagine if I gave up contacting help after being brushed aside in the beginning.”

Alavia says she is definitely done with renting her home out, especially since after her terrible encounter two other women had to deal with the same man and neither Airbnb nor police took any actions to help them. Not only that, but many people put blame on the victim by saying it was Alavia’s fault for getting herself into a situation like that, ” Those who say it is my fault have their focus on the wrong subject. Teach people to treat others with respect, as opposed to stressing how to keep disrespectful people at bay.”

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