'Good Samaritan' makes citizen's arrest after woman attacks subway passengers while yelling racial slurs

A woman assaulted passengers on the New York City subway, screaming racist insults until she was detained by a “Good Samaritan” and arrested.
A 40-year-old Brooklyn woman named Anna Lushchinskaya (identified to Yahoo Lifestyle by the New York City Police Department) was caught on camera in videos tweeted by @PlatanoMan. Recorded on Tuesday morning on a crowded D train, Lushchinskaya is seen wearing a black coat and sunglasses and carrying a Louis Vuitton bag.
“F*** off!” Lushchinskaya yelled at a 24-year-old woman of presumably Asian descent, swatting and kicking her. At various times during the prolonged attack, she used her umbrella as a weapon and spat at passengers.
Several commuters tried to stop Lushchinskaya, including one man who stood between the victim and her assailant. Another man wearing a brown leather jacket also stepped forward to reason with Lushchinskaya. “Don’t f*** with me, you piece of s***,” she said, dialing a number on her cellphone.

Lushchinskaya spits at the man and woman and yells, “You f***ing ch**k.”
Everyone on the subway car gasped and @PlatanoMan said, “Your white privilege isn’t working over here … you already know she voted for Trump.”

While filming Lushchinskaya, @PlatanoMan told her the video would be posted to the entertainment site World Star Hip Hop. “Mohamed Atta,” Lushchinskaya muttered at @PlatanoMan.
He informed her that he’s Dominican, saying, “Did you just try to call me Muslim?”
Lushchinskaya knocked the man’s headphones to the ground and hit him. In return, @PlatanoMan wrestled her to the ground. “We gotta get her arrested,” he said. “We gotta detain her until the cops come. She spit on me, she assaulted me. She’s assaulting everybody.” When she stood up, Lushchinskaya spat on @PlatanoMan, who physically restrained her again. 
@PlatanoMan tweeted photos of him holding Lushchinskaya on a subway platform and police officers making an arrest. 
According to a statement sent to Yahoo Lifestyle from the New York City Police Department, the 24-year-old female victim said the brawl started when Lushchinskaya bumped into her. She sustained facial lacerations and bleeding from the attack. Lushchinskaya is charged with two counts of felony assault. 
@PlatanoMan did not respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment. The police spokesperson called the 30-year-old a “Good Samaritan.”
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