Scammers Pretending To Be University Cops Are Asking Students For Nudes

Scammers in Kansas claiming to be Fort Hays State University (FHSU) police are asking students to send them nude videos to prove you don’t have drugs “on your person.”
The actual FHSU police posted a statement on Friday from the Ford County Sheriff’s Office telling students, obviously, to not give in to the demands of the caller.
“The caller says they’re with the Fort Hays Police, and may give the name of Officer Lopez, or may not tell you a name. They ask that you go to a private location so you can have a confidential conversation, then ask that you search for FHSU Police on Google to see that the phone number matches the caller ID,” the statement says.
The call appears to come from the actual FHSU police number. The statement continues:
“Eventually they tell you that your name has come up in an investigation, and personal information has been comprised, possibly being used fraudulently. They may refer to a drug investigation, and state the origin of the investigation being in the Dominican Republic. They will ask for personal account information. They may ask you to send videos, including one of yourself, in the nude. They state this is so they can verify you don’t have any drugs in your room, or on your person.”
FHSU police said that if someone starts asking questions, the scam caller “becomes agitated, possibly belligerent and may use profanity.” The caller then says that if the student goes to the FHSU police station or tells anyone about the phone call, they’ll be arrested. University police ask anyone who has been a victim of the scam to contact them.
The Wichita Eagle reports that police also had reports of the scam in Ford County and Dodge City, noting that Hays is in Ellis County.
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