Special 10-year-old boy acts as Santa Claus to children from impoverished families

AJ Evans, a 10-year-old boy from Florida, was inspired by his mother to raise money for Christmas gifts to children who otherwise might not receive presents.

What are the details?

According to KFOR-TV, AJ said that when his mother was a young child, she waited for Santa Claus to come each Christmas, but she never received any gifts.

"My mom told me she waited on Santa Claus and never got gifts and I felt sad that she never got gifts, so I asked her one day to start a toy drive," he said.
AJ has been raising money through manual labor over the last three years, including car washes and private exercise lessons.

“Some kids believe in Santa and some don't," he told the station. “I want to show that if Santa Claus is real, I could be Santa Claus."

AJ's mom, Camille Williams, said that she couldn't believe her ears when she heard what her son was proposing with the toy drive.

“Believe it or not, I laughed at him," Camille admitted. “Where are you going to find those kids who really need it?"

Despite her skepticism, Camille and AJ worked together to make connections to make AJ's toy drive a reality.

WFOR reported that AJ and his mother now annually visit schools all over South Florida in order to pass out gifts to children.

The station reports that by Christmas, AJ and his mother will have given out about 400 gifts to children who come from families with very little holiday cash to spare.

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