23-year-old student allegedly calls airline with fake bomb threat to prevent parents from visiting

How far would you go to avoid spending time with your parents? One 23-year-old student allegedly went as far as calling in a bomb threat to prevent his parents’ flight from taking off in order to visit him.
An easyJet flight from Lyon to Rennes, France, turned around after a bomb threat was called in by a man on Jan. 1, according to the U.K.’s IndependentThe student was taken into custody and charged with “false news compromising the safety of an aircraft in flight.”
The man, who is set to appear in court in May, faces up to five years in prison and an $85,000 fine.
A spokesperson for the budget airline told the Independent that flight EZY4319 from Lyon to Rennes on Jan. 18 did, in fact, return to Lyon as a result of a security-related issue.
“The captain took the decision as a precaution only,” the airline told the news outlet. “The aircraft landed safely and was met by the fire brigade and the police in line with procedures. Passengers disembarked normally and were provided with information and refreshments.” He also said: “The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority.”
It is not known why the student did not want his parents to visit.
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