People Are Laughing At The Way Americans Got Trolled By Mexican Airline (19 Pics)

While debates rage on over the border wall, AeroMexico wants Americans to know that your DNA doesn’t care what your politics are. In a hilarious new ad, the airline features interviews with residents of Wharton, Texas, offering them ‘DNA Discounts’ based on their percentage of Mexican heritage.
The well-meaning troll on the arguably bigoted citizens is not meant to embarrass but educate. Featuring statistics, history of immigration between Mexico and the U.S, and of course the promise of flight deals, the video is a lighthearted attempt to show that when you look at it we all have common ground.

The video begins by pointing out that while our friends south of the border come to America for travel, Mexico falls low on their tourism destination list.
When asked what the reasons why the residents had no interest in visiting the neighbors, only 300 miles south, the answers showed a common theme.

Touching on the history of immigration between the U.S and Mexico they proved that these Texans were not only close in proximity but in their DNA as well.

Watch the full ad below to see the clever marketing strategy they came up with

People agreed the marketing strategy was brilliant

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