Shocking Video Shows Actor Robert Davi Exploding on Schumer: You’re ‘Like a Rotten Corpse’

In a shocking video, award-winning actor Robert Davi blasted Democratic leadership for their “disingenuous” comments about President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.
Davi uploaded the video to Twitter on Wednesday morning with the caption: “To the American people.”
The video seems to be in response to the address from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer after Trump’s Oval Office address on Tuesday.
“My dear Mr. Schumer, I find what you are doing is absolutely disingenuous. You’re lying to the American people. How many times are you going to continue to sit there like a rotten corpse with a bald-faced lie on your face?” Davi said.
Davi wasn’t the only one who thought Schumer resembled a “rotten corpse” on Tuesday night. His awkward appearance with Pelosi sparke hundreds of memes and mocking tweets.

Who OK’d their lighting and staging? It made them look like if you say their names three times while facing a mirror they’ll appear behind you. It would make anyone look harsh. They went with this optic with all the people they know in Hollywood and the networks? Seriously.
But Schumer’s comments that night were just as bad as his appearance. He claimed that Trump’s proposed border wall would be “ineffective.”
Davi also criticized Democratic leadership for their hypocritical opposition to the border wall after they supported a wall in the past.
“I saw you, sir, vote for the wall. You voted for a wall, sir. Several years ago. So did Ms. Pelosi,” Davi exploded.
In 2009, Schumer applauded efforts to secure the border. He claimed that a 630 miles of border fence “created a significant barrier to illegal immigration.”
Chuck Schumer tonight: Trump’s border wall is “ineffective” and “unnecessary”

Chuck Schumer in 2009: "630 miles of border fence" made our southern border "far more secure" because it "created a significant barrier to illegal immigration"
Old comments about illegal immigration have haunted several other Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Of course, you won’t see the establishment media cover the Democrats’ flip-flop.
“How come the networks aren’t showing your flip-flopping?” Davi asked. “Show that, CNN, MSNBC. Show Schumer wanting a wall.”
Davi also slammed Democratic leadership for questioning the morality of a border wall.
Last week, Pelosi claimed that the border wall is an “immorality.”
But Davi reminded Democrats that their party is pro-abortion, the definition of immoral.

“What about 50 million babies being killed, sir and madam? Is that not immoral?”
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