Transgender Woman Loses It At Car Rental Shop After Being Called 'Sir': 'I'm A Ma'am … Suck My D***!'

TV personality and transgender model Savanna Maria Garcia posted a video to Facebook on Sunday of a heated interaction at an Alamo Rent A Car.
It's unclear what the initial issue was, but Garcia suggests in the video that he was called a "h**" by an employee and says in a Facebook post that there was "no customer service at all." The video Garcia posted, however, only shows Garcia cursing at employees and telling a man who calls him "sir" to "suck my d***."
"I was trying rent a car today at Alamo rental car today and they was very rude , no customer service at all , they got ghetto people with no customer service," Garcia captioned the Facebook post.
"[T]hey called me Him, Him, Him, and a h** Alamo Rent A Car have no respect for the lgbtq community let’s boycott the rental place it’s bad business please don’t rent, long lines , bad cars oh and they apart of enterprise," he added.
In the first video posted, a female Alamo employee is shown being escorted away from Garcia, as he tells her, "B****, you don't call me no h**. You a worker, b****. You don't call me no h**, with your raggedy a**. You going viral today, h**. You gonna be on Facebook. B****. Raggedy a**."
The second video is even more intense, as Garcia becomes irate when a man trying to escort him out of the area calls him "sir."
"Alamo is being real rude. She was real rude, with her black a**," Garcia says. "And she called me a h** and she supposed to be at work."
"Sir — I need you to get out," says the man attempting to kick out an aggressive Garcia.
"You called me 'sir'? I'm not a sir! I'm a ma'am!"
"I'm a ma'am — you being rude. I'm a ma'am. I'm a ma'am! My ID say female and he's being rude,” Garcia yells.
“Know your pronouns! Know your pronouns! Know your pronouns! Know your pronouns! Know your pronouns, honey! Know your f***ing pronouns,” Garcia screams.
“It's a world out here. It's a f***ing world out here. Know your fucking pronouns, stupid.
Garcia then tells the man twice, “suck my d***.”
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