WATCH: 'Angel families' impacted by illegal immigration protest at Nancy Pelosi's office — and she refuses to meet with them

Amid the continued partial government shutdown stemming from the highly partisan fight over border security, many Americans want answers from their elected officials. Some are even going so far as to show up at lawmakers' offices in Washington, D.C.

That happened to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday, but the California lawmaker, who has become a central figure in the shutdown over her refusal to work with President Donald Trump on border security, did not face the music.

What happened?

A group of "angel families" — a phrase designating families negatively impacted by illegal immigration, such as through the death of a loved one — protested outside Pelosi's office Tuesday over her refusal to work with Trump on financing the border wall.

The demonstrators chanted "build the wall" and spoke about the negative impacts of illegal immigration. Unfortunately, Pelosi refused to meet with the group.
"We want the speaker to be with these angel families. These families are hurting," a group leader said outside Pelosi's office.
"The Democrats are down partying in Puerto Rico. Our borders are unsecure [sic]. There are drugs coming across our borders, human trafficking, and— the cable news networks and mainstream media only want to tell one side of the story. We are the other side of the story and the American people deserve to hear these real life stories," the woman continued.
Another woman, whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2012, condemned Pelosi for refusing to meet.
"It's a slap, it's a stab, it's a kick in the gut, in the groin," the woman, Sabine Durden, reportedly said.

What else?

Prior to meeting outside Pelosi's office, the group, led by activist organization Women for Trump, held a rally outside the Capitol. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and former ICE Director Tom Homan spoke at the rally in support of the angel families.
Later in the day, the group gathered outside the office of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), similarly demonstrating against illegal immigration and for enhanced border security.

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