Killer Storm Erik strikes Britain: Terrifying moment planes battle 80mph gales to land at Heathrow - as driver dies after tree lands on car and five bus passengers escape death when trunk crashes through top-deck (35 Pics)

Horrifying footage shows a British Airways plane aborting a landing at Heathrow as Storm Erik wreaked havoc on Britain today, killing one motorist after gusts ripped a tree from the ground and sent it flying onto a busy A-road.
Winds travelling at over 80mph saw several passenger jets struggle to land at airports across the country, with one BA flight forced to climb back into the sky as it attempted to meet the tarmac near London. 
Meanwhile, a huge tree weighing several tonnes crushed an Alfa Romeo carrying a 50-year-old man as it travelled along the storm-lashed A384 at Buckfastleigh, Devon at 5.30am.
The driver, a 50-year-old man from Totnes in Devon, sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene, while the female driver of a Hyundai miraculously escaped with only minor injuries. 
Meanwhile, passengers had a miraculous escape in Poole, Dorset when a large tree crashed through the roof of a double-decker bus, obliterating the front few seats of the top deck, where no-one was sitting at the time. 
In Wales, two people were pulled from a submerged car after it left a flooded road in St Clears, near Carmarthen.
The storm has caused widespread travel delays, with railway lines blocked by fallen trees, high winds disrupting planes at airports and the Severn Bridge between Wales and England one of many to be shut to all traffic.
A yellow wind warning has been declared for parts of northern England and Northern Ireland, while a yellow rain warning covering much of Scotland warned that there could be power cuts and flooding. 

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