Ohio music store owner 'would rather starve and close' than serve Trump supporters

A music store owner in Ohio has made it known that he doesn't want any Trump-supporting customers, and that he'd "rather starve" than to take their money, according to The Hill.

Joe's Music in Willoughby, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, displayed a sign on the front door recently telling anyone who supports President Donald Trump to find another music store.

Here's what the sign said:
"I am truly sorry, however I feel unclean and dirty accepting money from you. Please, politely shop somewhere else. Sorry, I would rather starve and close the store than participate in wrongdoing. Many blessings to you. I hope you understand."
The sign did not explain how selling musical instruments or other music-related items to someone would constitute participation in wrongdoing. But, customers received the message. And some of them were not happy.

WOIO-TV reported that the Willoughby Police Department had to be notified due to a surge in phone calls to the store, some of which have been threatening.
The owner, only identified by WOIO as "Joe," said he is surprised by the community's reaction.

"I did not do this for attention...I have posted things before about President Trump, so I didn't expect this response," Joe said.

Joe told WOIO that a dying friend recently told him that life is too short for endless heated political debate. It seems odd, then, that Joe would respond by stirring up a heated political debate with his business.

Willoughby is in Lake County. The county voted for Trump in 2016 by a margin of 54.83 percent to 39.59 percent for Hillary Clinton. It was the largest victory for a presidential candidate in Lake County since former President George H.W. Bush won the county in 1988.

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