The Army's diversity poster girl is 'racially abused' by six white soldiers who posted offensive comments on social media (3 Pics)

SIX soldiers “racially abused” a black female soldier who was the face of the British Army Equality and Diversity campaigns, it was reported last night.
The Royal Artillery troops were handed formal warnings after posting offensive comments about Kerry-Ann Morris on social media.
 The Royal Artillery troops have been given formal warnings after posting offensive remarks about Corporal Kerry-Ann Morris (pictured) on social media

In a Facebook comment the soldiers accused the 28-year-old of using her skin colour to secure promotions and of branding white colleagues as racists.
Cpl Morris, from Nottingham, appeared in the ‘Your Army Needs You’ recruitment posters.
The junior-ranking troops accused Cpl Morris, who is of Jamaican descent, of “playing the race card”.
A source told the Mail on Sunday: “Cpl Morris is a high achiever and it appears some of her colleagues are looking for excuses as to why they’re not doing as well as her.
"They know they will be in very serious trouble if they ever repeat such offensive accusations which breached the Army’s values and standards policy.
“It was to Cpl Morris’s credit that she requested the soldiers should be dealt with lightly on this occasion.
"As the victim she could have pressed for more severe sanctions to be imposed but she was adamant that should not happen.”
An MOD spokesman said: “Discrimination and bullying have no place in the Armed Forces and will not be tolerated.
"All allegations are taken very seriously and are thoroughly investigated.
"Anyone found to have fallen short of our high standards can expect disciplinary action to be taken.”

COVER STORY: Cpl Morris was in the Army’s magazine The Locker
Cpl Morris, from Nottingham, recently appeared in the controversial ‘Your Army Needs You’ recruitment campaign, which launched last month. Her face was seen on posters next to the slogan ‘Me, Me, Me Millennials, Your Army Needs You and Your Self-Belief’ 

Cpl Morris featured on the poster in the latest Army recruitment drive with the words "me me me millennials - your army needs you and your self-belief".
The new ads insisted those who excel at Call of Duty and are "compassionate" Snowflakes could be perfect for national service.
Army chiefs said 16 to 24-year-old millennials have characteristics and skills useful on the battlefield and claim the snowflake generation's enthusiasm for selfies could be an asset.
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