Things cut in half is the closest we’ll get to x-ray vision (26 Photos)

Firework Shell
Camera lens.
The effect of space debris on the armor of a spaceship.
100 pass telephone wire.
Silencer. Or is it suppressor? It’s been a while since I’ve needed to take a hit out on somebody.
Motorcycle Helmet.
Hair Dryer
Zippo Lighter
Underwater cable.
Bouncy Ball.
Elephant Foot
Another camera lens. Man, knowing how expensive these are makes this really hard to look at.
Pine Cone
So this one is a little different, but it’s a damn fine beef wellington and everyone should check out Binging With Babish if they like cooking shows.
To get an idea of the scale of this ship, there’s a man in the top left.
A high-end, asymmetrical bowling ball
Cannonball with shrapnel
Time lapse of a log being sanded down.
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