Wives have mastered the art of trolling their husbands (33 Photos)

“I replaced the toilet paper with a lint roller.”

“Wife made me a pillow.”
Trolling via home decor.

A wife’s heartfelt Valentine’s Day cake.
“My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas, she’s crafty so I told her to make me something. Couldn’t be happier.”

This artsy wife made fake poop out of clay and left it on the floor for her husband to find.
She’s not a fan of pet names…
“Wife asked me if I wanted a cup of tea, I said yes please. This is what I got… She thinks she’s so funny.”
Just a little bathroom love note for her husband.
That’s the dirtiest picture that guy is going to get from his wife.

Just a wife making fun of her husband’s love of hummus.
“My lovely wife killing the bathroom decorations.”

“My wife asked me to grab something in the bedroom, this was waiting for me…”
This wife who isn’t impressed by her husband’s sensitive teeth.
“Wife boiled a few eggs. I asked her to mark them with “B’s” to tell them apart.”

“So my wife is going away for a few months. This is how she left our bed this morning.”
“My wife and I make banners for each other on birthdays. This was what I woke up to this morning.”
“I asked the kind lady at the pet shop for a shed tarantula skin, to put amongst the bananas to scare my husband!”
“Wife replaced the pink soap with clear without washing it first. The pink soap floated to the top and I was grossed out saying that it looked like afterbirth. Today I found this.”
“I told my wife I wanted a mid-century model home for our next place, and this is what I got…”
“Wife bought a chalkboard xmas tree to count down the number of days until xmas. I’ve been erasing the number and writing conspiracy theories instead, infuriating her. Today, she took it too far.”
Wife burn.
A perfect breakfast one wife set in front of her husband.
“Pregnant women can be vicious. This is my wife trolling me at breakfast.”
“My wife is excited for my vasectomy tomorrow…”
“Wife left a note saying she left some french toast in the pan for me. Was disappointed.”

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