WOW, THIS was embarrassing: AOC’s tweet babbling some conspiracy about ‘astroturfing’ so stupid she DELETED it (we got it)

WHOA boy.
AOC tweets a lot of silly things.
Heck, some would even say she tweets a lot of stupid things, so that she actually DELETED a tweet tells you it had to be really, really, really bad.
Take a gander.
What the Hell is she even talking about? Is this like when Ron Perlman accuses us of being Russians? Asking for a friend.
No freakin’ idea.
The reporter is quote tweeted below. “Astroturfing” is the term for those kinds of bots and online activity.

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Heads up - I’m deleting a tweet about astroturfing bc I want to make sure details are solid.

Dark $ is hard to track, & the practice of astroturfing to manipulate public opinion is notorious. Want to make sure any comments about it are thorough. Quote tweet will be RT’d ✌🏽

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Oh, awesome, we’re grateful for the heads up that she deleted it.
Can’t make this stuff up.
We think AOC genuinely just doesn’t understand what a lot of terms mean but we digress.
Something like that.
Why should she start now?
HA! Wouldn’t count on it. She’s too busy talking about astroturf or something …
BS. You sent out the tweet knowing full well it was a lie. You’re just backtracking now because you were called out on it.

You’re just peddling fake news like the rest of your Democrat cronies.
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Nice try, She Guevara.
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