BAM! Katie Pavlich drops truth on Bernie Sanders’ call for US to ‘follow New Zealand’s lead’ on gun bans

Bernie Sanders let everybody know he was super impressed by New Zealand’s fast ban on “assault weapons” in the wake of the Christchurch shooting:

BREAKING: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced all assault weapons and "military-style automatic weapons" will be banned in the wake of last week's mosque shootings 

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Katie Pavlich, both in a Fox News appearance and via Twitter, spelled out what Sanders is really cheering for:

Overnight they banned any semi-automatic firearm with a detachable magazine that holds more than five rounds. In America, that means nearly all firearms legally and commonly owned by millions of law abiding citizens. It is confiscation and Bernie Sanders just fully endorsed it.

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No thanks, Bernie.
I bet he has security. I bet they have semi-automatic weapons. I bet those weapons hold more than five rounds.
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But those weapons aren’t a danger when in the hands of people guarding lefties, or something.
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