Brian Krassenstein denies these tweets have aged horribly, holds out hope for Trump family indictments

In the wake of the release of the Mueller report to the Justice Department, people have noticed some tweets from Resistance leader Brian Krassenstein that have not aged well, both from last year:
I'm so confident Trump committed multiple federal offenses, that I'll do this:

I'll put $10,000 up to be donated to the charity of a Conservative's choice if Mueller's report does not recommend impeachment or show a crime occurred

I dare a Trump suppprter to do the opposite

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Many media outlets are reporting that there will be no new indictments, and the release of the report is the end of the line for the Mueller investigation. So will Krassenstein make good on those promises?

Will Krassenstein follow through and delete his account? Let’s just say it doesn’t look that way, judging from Krassenstein’s replies to James Woods and everybody else:
FYI, and I am not ever deleting my account unless I want to delete my account.

This is a social media site, it's not a courtroom, a boardroom or international peace talks. It's TWITTER. Grow up!

I have had nearly 500 disgusting DMs in the last 8 hours. Get over it!
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Dear Uninformed, washed up, talentless, actor,

Your ignorance is baffling. There are close to a dozen OPEN investigations into Trump, his family, his foundation and his businesses. Don Jr. is included in all these categories.

Mueller has already implicated Trump in a crime.
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Dear everyone gloating about the Mueller Report vindicating Trump.

Don't count your eggs before they hatch... Your tweets will not age well.
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Everybody else’s tweets won’t age well?

Looks like this means that in several weeks there will be a tweet about others’ tweets that didn’t age well that will not have aged well. This is getting confusing.
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