CAUTION: Fast-moving goal posts ahead! Ex Hillary spox Brian Fallon & journo Ryan Lizza pivot FAST from Mueller report

As you know by now, the Mueller report has been sent to the Justice Department, and it’s been reported that there will be no new indictments. Now, for many, it’s on to the “hoping for something else to save the narrative” stage, as evidenced by journo Ryan Lizza and former Hillary Clinton spox Brian Fallon:
Whatever is in the Mueller report, it ain't over til the Sovereign District of New York sings.

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In other words:

Watch out for those moving goal posts!
The original narrative must be preserved at any cost.
And then we have to wait for Rachel Maddow, Ms. Cleo, and your therapist to weigh in.

Because that’s how this was always supposed to work.

The goal posts never stay the same.
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The media and the Dem spin appears to be synchronized. But what’s new?
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