‘Crazy talk’! Jon Gabriel offers radical suggestion to Dems (instead of trying to scrap the Electoral College)

Talk among the Democrat field of 2020 candidates about the need, in their opinion, to do away with the Electoral College is becoming more commonplace, though it wouldn’t be easy:
The idea that amending the Constitution—or simply proposing amendments—is somehow radical is a recent phenomenon and a silly one. The 2016 Republican platform called for five constitutional amendments (abortion, same-sex marriage, term limits, balanced-budget, education).

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To make that happen would be a chore:

Dems must realize what a nearly impossible task that would be, but Laurence Tribe thinks it’s still worth a shot:
Senator @ewarren and Rep. @PeteButtigieg want to get rid of the Electoral College. I expect @RepBetoORourke, @amyklobuchar, @KamalaHarris, @CoryBooker, and, yes, @JoeBiden to join them. The NVP compact is the way to do it. Hard but worth trying. One person/one vote!
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Taking into consideration the unlikelihood of that happening, Jon Gabriel had a suggestion the Democrats might consider to be too radical:
There’s one potential solution for Dems, not that it won’t fall on deaf ears.
That’s just crazy talk, Jon. There are no people in the middle of the country.
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It sure doesn’t.
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