Lauren Duca’s NYU course, ‘The Feminist Journalist,’ hopes to do away with balanced reporting

And what does the feminist journalist think of men in general?
If that sounds like the kind of person you’d like teaching you about journalism, get out your checkbook and write a big fat tuition check to New York University, where Duca is teaching a summer course called, “The Feminist Journalist.” It sounds awesome:
Media coverage of our current political climate has been plagued by the mental Napalm that I call “both sides-ism.” This is a kind of classic “he said, she said” form of journalism where the reporter tries to give both sides of an issue, even if one side is completely bogus. You’ll also hear it referred to as “balance,” although in many cases it’s “false equivalency,” because attempting to appear balanced just serves to create more distortion.
The truth is not a math equation. In the midst of the ongoing American dumpster fire, there is, I believe, only one side to journalism, and it is motivated by building a truer, more equitable democracy. As this course will establish, not only does this effort allow for feminist journalists, it renders feminist journalism a moral necessity. We cannot build to social justice without adequate representation of intersectional perspectives.
Phew … we were afraid she wasn’t going to work intersectionality in there, but she came through. 
Oh, and speaking of tweets, they’ll count toward your final grade:
"max, you'll be receiving a c- for your overusage of the phrase 'let's get this bread' in your tweets"

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That’s right … a college course where the reading list is made up of articles from Teen Vogue.
The course description of Lauren Duca's NEW YORK UNIVERSITY JOURNALISM COURSE is by far some of the worst stuff I've seen coming out of academia.
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See above.
It could be an example of what not to do, sure, but the point of the week is to find three pieces of journalism that moved you:
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How does an institution of education support this kind of material? This is why it is getting so hard to find good hard working graduates with balanced perspective.
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Didn’t you read? A “balanced perspective” in journalism is “mental Napalm.”
Duh. It’s NYU.
Literally reads like an Onion article. The writer of this would have been laughed out of Academia 40 years ago and today there will not be a single criticism from any peer. This is proof that college can indeed make you dumber.
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The line, ma'am, about feminist journalists being necessary for a more equitable society is a blatant lie. We need honest journalists regardless of race or gender. Every organization touched by identity group policies is weakened from education to the military to journalism.
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When someone tells me that the truth isn't a math equation, that is a hint that they shouldn't be taken seriously.
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It’s hip now to be “morally right” if not “factually correct.”
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