That settles it! Brian Stelter demonstrates that conservatives are definitely the ones obsessed with AOC

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is TIME’s newest cover girl, and Brian Stelter is all over it. Because news:
What? Not the first most talked-about politician in America?! Conservatives must really be slacking off:
Conservatives are definitely responsible for the deification of AOC. It’s definitely not drooling toadies like Brian Stelter who have elevated her to rock-star status.
That’s been some of the most laughable gaslighting we’ve seen in recent memory. “We’re raising a new icon because she’s attractive but don’t you dare bring up the fact that she’s kind of a blithering idiot or the costs of what she’s proposing”

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I don’t think conservatives are making every tweet she sends have 100k likes. I can’t help but see what she says. I’ve almost muted her just to avoid it all

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But it’s conservatives who are obsessed with her and hanging on her every word.
He’s kind of implying it here:
Meanwhile, Brian’s dedicated quite a bit of his Twitter feed to not being obsessed with AOC:
"She's got a target on her back because she ticks every box that makes conservative men uncomfortable."

--@LEBassett talking about @AOC
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Unfounded attacks by bad-faith actors "grow legs and start walking around," @AOC told @ErrolLouis. So sometimes "we have to take a little bit of different tact and just squash it early and respond to them, and be unafraid to say, 'You sound ridiculous.'"
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There’s lots more where that came from, and we could sit here all day strolling down memory lane, but we’ve got better things to do, and so do you. Suffice it to say, Brian Stelter appears to have a problem. The Left has a problem. And blaming conservatives for it isn’t going to make the problem go away.
Conservatives *cough* @benshapiro *cough* have almost single handedly made her a thing. 9/10 if she is mentioned in my feed it is by a conservative.
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She has gotten at least as much glowingly positive press as negative press. There are 101 new reps in congress. How many of them get headlines for everything they say? She's been on the cover of Vanity Fair, Hollywood Report, Rolling Stone, and a featured speaker at SXSW. Please.
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Good call. The fact that she gets 150k likes on every tweet is also conservatives' fault. Also the fact that she got elected and democrats are saying she's the future of the party. That's all on conservatives. This is good analysis.
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Sorry, libs. You own this one.

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