‘Works for me’: Erick Erickson lays out the reasons Stacey Abrams would be a terrible running mate for Biden

We’ve already heard from the previous Democratic nominee for president that its a direct threat to our democracy to refuse to respect the results of an election, but there was Hillary Clinton in March telling a crowd that Stacey Abrams should be governor of Georgia, “leading that state right now.” Abrams famously refused to concede and still maintains the election was stolen through voter suppression.
It’s no secret that Joe Biden is very likely to announce Abrams as his running mate right out of the gate, although CNN’s reporting Thursday that Biden might not announce until late April. Still, Erick Erickson is looking at a Biden/Abrams ticket, and there’s a lot of baggage.
The problem for Biden choosing Abrams is that he’ll immediately be tied to someone who has expressed contempt for farmers, supported gun confiscations, and says illegal aliens should be allowed to vote.

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But Democrats are all those things, though they hold coal miners in contempt even more than farmers. However, Biden will be entering the race as the most “centrist” of the serious players — can he draw in hardcore progressives with Abrams on the ticket? Let’s hope not.
It reeks of desperation. @EWErickson correct me if I’m wrong, but it reminds me of when Ted Cruz picked Carly Fiorina for Vp in order to beat Trump.

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He'll choose her for her intersectionality score, not her ideas. That's how the left votes now.

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And has proven that she won't accept an unfavorable outcome to an election. I say, "Go for it Joe. It would make @realDonaldTrump a shoe in for 4 more years."

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This would be a dumb move showing a short-sided, trying to be opportunistic candidate who will look every bit of 75 yrs old as a stand-alone candidate.

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Lol. In other words, he’ll undercut the whole point of his candidacy: a return to normalcy.

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Good. Biden was actually beginning to look like a reasonable adult with maturity and good judgement. Choosing her will disabuse voters of that fallacy quickly.
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That would be a hige mistake for Biden! What will help him in primary would lose the general!
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He's floating her as a trial balloon and to build his liberal bona-fides. I doubt she'll end up being his pick if he ends up getting the nomination.
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Not to mention, we will get to hear another round of baseless Trump/Russia collusion accusations.
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Those positions are far less unthinkable in today’s Democatic party than they once were.
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Sadly, yes.
Joe has always spent his entire career being on the wrong side of everything. Floating Abram’s name is just one more forced error. I love it!😂
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Good point. Biden’s going to be desperate to know how her hair smells.
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