12 year-old wakes up to find strange man undressing in her room — but her parents were armed

A 12 year-old girl got the fright of her life when she saw a strange man appear in her bedroom after breaking into her house, and drop his pants. Luckily for her, her mother's boyfriend was armed.

The harrowing story happened in Louisville, Kentucky, on Sunday morning at about 7 in the morning.

Tina Burton, the girl's mother, told WDRB what happened next.
"She was really smart," Burton said.

"She hid under the cover, turned her light down, turned her volume down on her phone to text me," she explained. "When she peeked under the cover to see where he was at, she got up and ran away. She went to the back room. And I think that was really brave and smart of her."

Burton and her boyfriend Ali Bracey said they confronted the man and yelled at him to leave their home.

He refused.

"He turned around and growled at me," said Bracey. "And when he growled me, I dunno I attacked him."

Bracey says he hit the man with a broom and punched him, and yelled to Burton to "get something."

"Next thing I know, he got shot!" he said.

38 year-old Donald Oliver Jr. was shot 6 times and was later arrested by police. He has an extensive crime record and appeared in court in a wheelchair due to his injuries, which were not life threatening.

He has been charged with burglary, assault, and possession of a controlled substance. During the altercation he dropped a bag of what appeared to be heroin.

The family had only just moved to their new home two weeks before the incident. There were two other daughters in the home at the same time.

Bracey says his neighbors are supportive of what he did.

"Everyone has actually commended me on what I did. There hasn't been any real backlash other than the family," he said, referring to the family of the suspect. "But everyone in the neighborhood has commended me on what I did."

Here's a local news video of the attack:

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