2020 Dem Claims NRA Is Too Afraid To Debate, Dana Loesch Steps Up and Says ‘I’m Your Huckleberry’

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell claimed the NRA is too afraid to debate him, but NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch stepped up and responded to the presidential candidate’s debate offer.
The Twitter interaction between Swalwell and Loesch began Friday morning, with Swalwell admitting that he doesn’t want to debate Loesch.
“Ms. Loesch — I see you’ve spent another day blowing up my Twitter. Thank you for following! But here’s the deal, you’re an @nra mouthpiece,” the 2020 Democrat tweeted. “I don’t aim down, so I don’t debate mouthpieces. But send me your president, @OliverLNorth. I’ll debate him anywhere.”

Swalwell went on to claim the NRA is too afraid to debate him immediately after admitting he didn’t want to debate the NRA spokesperson.
Obviously, if Swalwell wanted a debate with the NRA, Loesch would be the proper opponent — and she was quick to say as much.
I’m your Huckleberry,” Loesch tweeted. “Unless you’re afraid to lose.”

It certainly seems like Swalwell is afraid to lose — why else would he outright refuse to debate the spokesperson of the NRA but ask to debate the NRA’s president instead?
I don’t blame Swalwell for shaking in his boots — Loesch previously eviscerated his anti-gun policies and pointed out his lack of knowledge regarding firearms altogether.

On Tuesday, Loesch asked the presidential candidate about his plans to “criminally prosecute” those who refuse to comply with his proposed gun confiscations.
I politely asked you how you plan to enact the confiscation and jail time you discussed on CNN and your reaction is “NRA losing its mind?” Here is the video reminder of your words: http://cnn.com/videos/politic 
Additionally, can you define “weapons of war?” No need for drama.
She also asked Swalwell to be more specific about his proposed gun ban.
As a mom, I’m interested in why @ericswalwell wants to modify 2A (because that’s what it would take, realistically) to criminalize a vaguely-defined rifle, which suggests he means all semi-autos, meaning most guns. So I can’t have .223/5.56 but a .308 is OK? Is a .30-06 OK?
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Loesch is the last person Swalwell wants to debate, and it seems like he’ll find any excuse to avoid facing off against her.
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